Friday, June 5, 2009

application to the internet quotas.

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Have you bored because the internet is very slow, other than you use the volume based.On this blog, I will help you to speed up access to the Internet and save when using the rate quota volume based.that is use  toonel application.this is java-based application, so the need to run applications using java rutnime.And now I will help you run the that application.first install java rutnime on  your pc, click here to download, if you have installed, right-click on the file toonel, click here to download toonel, when the application is toonel road, select the proxy with the number "", press apply.And then for users mozilla and ie, choose preference, advance, and then choose network, select a proxy server, use the proxy, the number of entries to the proxy, with port 8080.with internet access so you will be a little sure more  fast.dont forget for setting image with low quality.Many still application  to speed up internet connection,that is ONSPEED, cfos, modem booster etcl.


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