Tuesday, November 25, 2008

game phone emulator

Game Brain Tester 

I want explain one java mobile game. I think this is very interesting. The game entitled brain genius, that was product by glu mobile.this game, entertainment in addition to also working to assess and train your brain.beside that, the types of games in the game does not make your boring. In this game there are many types of tests are to test speed eye, memory, logica,count.everyday this game will give you a test that new provided.beside that, graph for appraise your ability. Beside that, you will have knowledge about the biography of short last period.if you want to try this game, please click here to download this game.  

brain genius image

emultor game for mobile phone 

In this time I will explain some applications for mobile.that application is vbagx emulator .This application can be used to play gameboy or type of file format (GBA) advance. This format application was sis or compatible with symbian moblie phones. Than the other of which is vsun, that emulator can be used to play Super Nintendo game with the format file (snes). The application is compatible with the phone symbian. And than there is vnes / yewnes, is emulator for Nintendo games with the type of format (nes, zip). It is also compatible symbian.so with a mobile phone you can play many interesting game on your mobile phones. If you were interested, stay in the search application on 4shared.com. And for the game such as Nintendo, gameboy advance etc, if you want download vbagx emulator click here to download, and if you want download vsun, click here to download, if you want download vnes, click here to download. 

vbagx emulator

 restore the missing files as viruses. 

Do you feel annoyed when you save a file without cause. especially missing file is very important.sure it will make us know you very angry.But may cause loss of files could be caused by a virus, it may be, because it can eliminate the virus file . And now I will try to help restore the lost files that way because it virus: 
1. Entry start, and then choose run. 
2. click on the run, command. 
3. type cd c on the root and then enter 
4. type attrib-r-a-s-h (your flashdisk ):*.* / s / d 
5. click enter.
With the file / data is missing will appear.sorry if that laguage is many wrong,because i am still must much study english.


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